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The foundation of all sound government, including civil government, is a true and proper fear of the Lord.  This is why we read in Psalm 2:10-11: “Now therefore be wise, O ye kings, Be instructed, ye judges of the earth.  Serve the Lord with fear…”    The fear of the Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom.  And a true fear of God entails a recognition of the doctrines of His Word, which reveal how He is to be served.  Such true religion is the only foundation which can issue in a proper implementation of both tables of the Ten Commandments, both those concerning our relations with God and with other men.

The Reformation Party is a political party dedicated to promoting government based upon true fear of the Lord, such as was conceived in the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643.  It is an international political party, analogous to the Green Party (but with a different political agenda from the Green Party).



Party Platform


1.  It is the duty of all men and institutions of men, including civil governments at every level and for every nation, tribe and tongue, to acknowledge the Biblical doctrines accurately summarized in the original Westminster Standards, and to suppress heresy, idolatry, and every other enemy of sound doctrine, appropriate to their station and calling.  This includes violations of both the first and second tables of the Ten Commandments.


2. It is the duty of civil governments at every level and in every nation to recognize and protect that church which adheres to the Biblical doctrines accurately summarized in the original Westminster Standards, and to be a nursing mother to that church.  And only male communicant members of that church should be allowed to vote or hold public office in civil government.


3.  It is our duty not to enter into unlawful oaths and unlawful confederacies with heretics and infidels for purposes of political expediency.



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